October 2011

Baby Steinberg S/S 2012


Baby Steinberg is one of LG Fashion Week’s darlings presenting designs that pay homage to the rich culture of Brazil by using sustainable, eco-friendly materials, inspired by the country and the vibrancy found in its poorer yet stimulating favelas.

This season’s showing, aptly titled, Remnants, was created using discarded fabrics from manufacturing companies, and upcycling them to produce this season’s creations.

Upcycling, sustainable, eco-friendly – all buzz words of the season, the designers trying to inject consciousness into their work but Steinberg seems to come from a more honest place, truly wanting to not waste unnecessarily, and making a true effort to create beauty from “garbage”.

A very well executed collection, by a designer with undeniable talent, Steinberg makes me want to go to Brazil to experience first-hand the beauty that comes through in her work.

My Missing Label (or Label S/S 2012)

6:05. That’s the time I got into the Label show, and that’s the same time everyone who caught the show, was leaving.

So I along with a bunch of stylish strangers missed the Label show (I was asked more than a few times while I was in the studio when the show was starting). Sad, I know, but I did hit up the after party at the upstairs of LeVack Block (or LVB) where the show was being screened and oysters were being shucked, and from what I could tell, both were very well received. Label’s new collection, The Deep Unknown is a much more sophisticated take on the label that’s been turning heads for using sustainable fabrics and practices before it was chic to do so.

Not just another brand, Label is well on their way to becoming the label well worth the covet.

Read more about Label here, when I first caught up with co-owner, Shawna Robinson.

UGG Australia – Toronto Flagship Store

I stopped in recently to the opening of the UGG Australia store in Yorkville, Toronto to check out the happenings of the new retail shop. Familiar faces, furry boots, and plenty of hors d’oeuvres to go around at the bustling event.

The boots below were among my favourites. Sherling insides (killer warm), riding cuffs, and a beautiful tan colour. What I wouldn’t do to get my hands and eyes constantly on these – though well…I probably wouldn’t spend over $500 on them (yikes).

Alongside their wonderfully well known classic boots, UGG Australia has the knit-boot market cornered. Theese cute buckle clasp knit boots look perfect to meander around in by a fire. The scarves that are merchandised nearby don’t hurt either.

And finally, a hint of the baggery that existed at the event. Some beautifully structured pieces – two toned, hardware detailing, and overall just fun nature have me doing double takes.

Looking to go for a visit? Located at 23 St. Thomas Street, UGG Toronto won’t have you walking in circles. Enjoy!

Jay Manuel’s ATTITUDE Show

I had a good old fashioned time at the Jay Manuel ATTITUDE Show at LGFW. Lucky me got to cover the event courtesy of Matchstick and Sears. I had such a fantastic time sifting through the pieces at the Sears location (Yonge and Dundas, MODERN Shop).

I had the opportunity to go wild on the merch – picked out some adorable dotted grey pants with covered, soft pocket buttons. A great 3/4 black and blue striped boat neck top (such a great staple for work), as well as a billowy white sweater and metallic bangle cuff. Sounds phenomenal right? They had stylish coats, sweet accessories, and so much more to choose from. That and the aggressive Jay Manuel imagery was on display – fiiii-erce.

Simply ADORED the jacket above. Gorgeous, two toned purse, trench / wool coat. What’s not to love? Give me…khaki please.

Really, really fun styling was up to bat at the show. Great use of scarves, pops of colour – things that just made me want to go to a resort already (transport me somewhere sunny!)

Some friends after the show, sorry for looking frazzled! Myself and Shanice in front of the backdrop below. I look mighty nerdy. Note the outfit (sans the jacket – sorry)!

The takeaway / giveaway was a beautiful multi-coloured scarf. I might just have a few ideas on how to use it based on the show (wink).

Thanks again Matchstick, Sears, and Jay Manuel for having me!

Beautylicous 2011

It’s Beautylicious time! Think prix fixe for beauty services – everything from massages to microdermabrasions, to much more. If you’ve been hunting for some primo beauty treats in Toronto lately, then definitely have a look at the Bloor-Yorkville festival. I recently went for a visit to one of my favourite spots – Pure and Simple Spa for a Sea Salt Microdermabrasion. Some other offerings:

  • $30 Offering
    • New! On-the-Go Facial Treatment (30 minutes): Focusing on hydrating and revitalizing the skin, this all-natural, extraction-free treatment that includes a relaxing mini-massage will leave you with glowing skin.
    $50 Offering
    • Pure + Simple Facial (60 minutes): A classic facial customized to each individual skin type using natural and organic skin care products. Includes a thorough skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, revitalizing mask and face, décolletage and scalp massage.
    $75 Offering
    • Urban Renewal Facial (75 minutes): Relax and unwind with Pure+Simple’s most popular facial! Using only the best in natural and organic skin care, this facial includes a full length classic facial, two step mask procedure and an arm, foot and scalp massage
    $125 Offering
    • Sea Salt Microdermabrasion (60 minutes): Give your skin a deep clean, while purifying pores and reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars and pigmentation. An effective all-natural, anti-aging and skin refining treatment, suitable for all skin types and skin tones.
    Special Promotion
    • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Photo Facial (45 minutes): Beautylicious price $150 Helps smooth and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Results include toned skin with a reduction in the appearance of facial lines, rosacea and pigmentation.

A peek at some of the product selection:

The microdermabrasion machine, ready to go. The sea salt was a fantastic, natural treatment that was effective and reinvigorating. The treatment is two passes (which I did at level 3 pressure) over the face, concentrated on areas that need improvement (like fine lines, dead skin, etc). The funny thing? It tasted salty – not intentionally eating it, but just flecks that landed on my lips were hard to resist (yikes!)

Samples from the treatment – sage mint moisturizer and purifying French Clay Mask for problem prone skin.

And finally, the coveted Beauty: Pure + Simple, a Holistic Guide to Natural Beauty. Thank you so much for the amazing microdermabrasion – it won’t be the last time ;).

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