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If you grew up in the late 80’s, you’ll likely remember Saved by the Bell with a fondness in your heart. I still remember waking up an extra half hour earlier every morning before school so I could catch an episode of my favourite high school clique. Zack with his baby blue eyes and blonde locks, Slater with his uber curly fro and his macho guns, and who could forget Kelly Kapowski, the popular girl everyone wanted to be.

Just in time for back to school shopping, here are the top five style tips taken straight from Kelly’s closet that serve as the perfect inspiration.

1. Bring on the Denim

Kelly looks uber cute in the classic denim jacket that’ll never go out of style. Pair it with a crop top and you’ve got yourself a look that’s trendy and timeless.

2. Crop Tops x High Waisted Bottoms

kk crop top

Kelly rocked the crop top fabulously with vintage high-waisted denim, a popular look that’s still prevalent today on the streets and a easy go-to for summer music festivals. If you don’t want to show off so much skin, you can even try layering on an oversized blazer. Dress this look up by playing with different materials like silk to add a classy and feminine touch.

3. Floral Pants

kk pants

Take a cue from Kelly’s closet and rock floral and printed pants. Bring this up to date with pants that are well fitted either in the form of leggings, jeggings or full length jeans that are slightly rolled up at the ends. Pair this look with a simple white tshirt, minimal jewelry and throw on a denim jacket for a classic Kelly touch.

4. Mix and Match

kk class

Loving how Kelly’s mixed a bold printed skirt with a plain, slouchy tee that’s been cinched at the waist with slightly rolled up sleeves. A look that is easy to pull off today and perfect for the casual summer outings or your first day at school. Also, note Jesse’s awesome denim on denim and absolutely digging the SCRUNCHIE on Lisa!

And last but not least …

5. Be fabulous

One of the most admirable traits about Kelly was not only how beautiful she was, but how comfortable she was in her own skin. Wear what makes you feel like you’re at your best and everything else will fall together. Though I do have to admit that the matching floral top and pant suit looks oh-so-adorable.

Finally, for Saved by the Bell fans out there, tell me this doesn’t make you smile and want to draw a big ol’ heart around these two and write “Zack + Kelly = forever” everywhere. Enjoy!

kelly kapowski

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