Best Fitness Footwear

I know, you want some fancy footwork but you’re not too sure what to go about doing. Excited to say that I’ve been all about running amuck (puns) finding the best way to motivate myself to go to the gym. I think I’ve found it! Here are some of the sweet feet decorations that I’ve found while looking for something fresh, fly, and will get me fit (sorta). Here goes the round up for fitness footwear.



Reebok True Tone


Reebok Traintones


Love when things aren’t too girly, and are just right when it comes to light exercise and a seamless look (literally, there are no seams…WHAT? Black Magic). They’re meant for day to day walking to help tone and keep you comfortable. Beware though – they seem to have a narrow fit.


Nike Free TN


Nike Free Train


Water repellent, highly flexible, lightweight mesh upper…that sounds like something up my alley. The thing about these puppies is that I’ve typically heard they should be only used for indoor exercise (and with how pretty they are, you should feel the same).


Asics Gel Kayano


Asics Gel-Kayano


If you’re feeling like you need to embrace the girliness that is embodied in nearly every fitness shoe (it’s true, many girls shoes are pink and purple…sigh), then go ahead and do it with the Asics Gel-Kayano. Cushioning, fitted heels, and a full waterproof upper (Gore-Tex, whaaat) have you covered for all of your outdoor and not-so-mild exercise conditions.


Let’s get running! xo

* Please note this is a sponsored post