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Gloria Chik is a mixed media maven. A writer, marketer, blogger, and entrepreneur, who loves fashion and music. Creator and editor of www.urbanebloc.com, Gloria spends her time documenting the life and times of a multi-tasking lady. Fresh off a return from two years in New York City after a startup acquisition and working for Sean COMBS Enterprises, she’s rebranded, refreshed, and revisited her entrepreneurial ventures. Just a few brands that she’s worked with: CÎROC Vodka, Canadian Club, Kijiji, MasterCard, SCION (Toyota), Sherway Gardens / Cadillac Fairview, and Canon. Impactful. Lively. Honest.

Caroline Leung, ROGUE Story Teller:

Writing about culture, tech, drinks, and human beings in Toronto, Canada. I prefer condiments to books when it comes to amateur psychoanalysis. @grotesquecest

Tommy Pang, Cocktail Connoisseur:

Aspiring to make ads for a living, I enjoy people, pop culture, and all things storytelling. I’m usually at a café, or planning my trip there. @tommy_pang

  • Did it ever occur to anyone that this blog is just feeding to an already unhealthy nation of consumerism? Just a thought.

  • This blog isn’t to promote the purchase of overpriced clothes – but it’s more to provide awareness of great brands, products, looks, and entertainment news pertaining to fashion. I don’t see how this blog feeds into excessive consumerism – I’m not pushing people to run out and buy everything I talk about. Maybe you should open your eyes to other blogs out there with the sole intention to sell.

    If you don’t like what you see, then I’m not pushing you to look at it. We write about what we love – that’s not feeding consumerism.

  • Wayne

    I find it quite interesting that people tend to tie fashion with superficial concepts such as consumerism. Fashion is just like any other hobby, just because this blog covers fashion and fashion related items its purpose seems to be solely informative – akin to say a forum about cars.

    Though, one thing I do think urbanebloc needs to do is narrow their focus as the items covered seems a bit widespread. I actually stumbled upon this site googling god knows what, in an attempt to learn more about toronto’s fashion identity as I was clueless about fashion when it came down to my own hometown. Maybe more of a focus on Toronto could be the next step? I really liked the direction ThatGirl has taken in interviewing TheRage.

  • Fashion in nature is usually linked to superficiality. I definitely understand where you’re coming from in terms of covering topics that are too widespread, and I’ve realized that issue. I have to dig a little deeper, but somehow I’m making that step towards covering what I want to cover. But when you’re newer to the Toronto Fashion scene, it takes a little longer to get to what you want to talk about. I’m definitely looking to more of a Toronto-based fashion focus.

  • PS: Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it and will take it all into consideration

  • Wayne

    np, hit me up at sinnah@gmail.com if you ever want to shoot around some ideas.