Spring and summer. Try realllyyyy hard to remember those pleasant seasons. You know the ones, with the flowers, the birds and the bare legs. Now think shoes. Pretty, girly, gorgeous, open-toe ones. With buckets and buckets of snow pouring down on us, I know I’m asking a lot, but when you see the great looks I saw yesterday at Aldo‘s Spring preview, you’ll forget all about it; if only for a moment!


Aldo worked closely with Madonna and her long-time stylist, Arianne Phillips to create an edgy and bold shoe for a more mature woman. The spikes are an obvious trend carried over seasons past, but we see some change in the fact that they are tone-on-tone with the shoe, making it part of the architecture and less of an embellishment on the shoe.



Following the general trend of a more consciously dressed man, Aldo has really upped their game for the boys. Their higher end line, Mr.B’s is right on trend and the quality is superior to the mainstream Aldo line.



As for the women’s collection, Aldo Rise blew it out of the water. Expect to see these hot heels in stores this spring. I especially love the lucite clutch with neon strap. (Bet you didn’t see it there, did you?)


Call It Spring is also part of the Aldo family and offers the same great trends and colors all at a more affordable price point.

Are you excited yet?