Any beauty product that comes in a compact form is appealing to me. These days it seems that the list continues to grow in terms of what products you need to be using, which ends up being quite daunting.

The Promise:
Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes promises to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin all day long. In addition to that, the brand suggests you use at night to clean makeup off at the end of the night (even waterproof mascara).

How it Worked:
I’ll preface this by saying that while I loathe a lengthy cleansing routine, I am devoted to taking the time to follow the regiment. I decided all my makeup was removed when I didn’t see anymore foundation on the wipe, which took both sides and many strokes of wiping. Now, I don’t wear heavy makeup at all, so if you wear more, you may require more than one wipe to take it all off. My mascara did indeed come off as promised, however, it was smudged all over my cheeks by the end of wiping. The remover that I am used to using doesn’t smudge my mascara like that so I was a little turned off by that. Nivea suggests that this is all the cleansing/toning/moisturizer you needed so I decided to leave it be and go to bed. After twenty minutes I had to get back up and cleanse and hydrate because my skin just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t irritated; it just didn’t feel complete.
The next morning I tried to wipe again as a morning cleanser/moisturizer and was pleased with the results. My face felt refreshed and I felt comfortable with this one step. I did, however, have to apply more moisturizer because the cold weather has made my skin exceptionally dry. If you have combination skin, I think this would be just fine as a moisturizer alone.


Overall, I think Nivea definitely delivers on what they promise and I would definitely pack these wipes with me for an overnight trip. They are compact and work great with sensitive skin (like mine).


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