CND Vinylux Nail Polish Review

CND Nails

Are your painted nails wearing out too quickly? Seems we’ve all been there, done that messy fix no matter how many top coats we’ve applied. Ladies, does there exist a durable beautiful polish that defies time? Apparently so, as CND’s technology vows to strengthen resistance to chipping the longer you wear it. No way.

I put CND’s new line of Vinylux nail polish to the ultimate test. If they promised a week of chip-free nails, how well would they fend through frosh week? A week filled with boat building (yes we are science students and damn proud), scavenger hunts, unhealthy grubbin’ and enough cheering and clapping to make your ears ring for the following month. Let’s find out!

CND Nails My bare nails ready to go, no base coat needed!

CND Nails The first coat is a very thin layer. Colours used: Cityscape #107 and Vexed Violette#156

CND NailsThe instructions say two coats will do but I found that 3 or 4 coats were needed for best opaque colour.

CND NailsLeft hand looking not too shabby after 9 days. While the right hand (bottom) has seen better days.

CND Nails

Final verdict? Not bad Vinylux, not bad. Though there was some visible chipping after one week, this polish proved to last much longer than other brands would. It’s self-adhering colour coat technology made my nails more rigid and strong, perfect for resisting the brutality of my obsessive hand washing. Vinylux comes in 62 colours and though a bit on the pricey end, they do cut down on the amount of touch ups needed.

CND Nails

Maybe grab a bottle and try it out for yourself, definitely wouldn’t hurt!



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