IT’S NEAR. Cheermageddon, it exists. The holidays are just around the corner, and in come the epic storm of panicked shoppers – but Old Navy’s got something up their sleeves. I actually used to run amuck in that store finding sweaters, scarves, mitts, and would find the best steals for my buck (way to stretch that dollar). I can appreciate a good deal or two, especially when you have a raging amount of people to be concerned with.


It’s a BLACK FRIDAY SALE in Canada – virtually unheard of (hey, I always wanted to be part of the pack that would be able to wrestle my way through with a baby stroller as a shopping cart, and many other horror stories that I’ve heard of). The sale starts Friday the 23rd and continues on Saturday the 24th with doorbusters and timed sales.


I’ve been thinking about running in early this season and relaxing the rest of it – who really wants to be parked way at the back of the lot, miserably trudging through the sludgey snow on my way to wait in line? Here are a few ideas of things you can pick out:


Wool Jackets

I just picked one up with faux fur and white all over (freaked out about how to keep it clean though…I’ll concern myself with that later). Keep your loved ones warm and box it all up something special. I’m a fan girl of the bright wool colours like TEAL, ORANGE, and the plaid.


Old Navy Famous Jeans

At only $15 for Adults Famous Jeans, you really can’t go wrong! Famous Jeans are $15 at the timed doorbuster on Saturday from 7am-11am. Be sure to go early and get your choice of size and colour.

Comfort Wear

Who doesn’t love lounging in something comfortable for the season (and you can get pretty ridiculous with the prints, y’know? I’m digging the flannel candy cane pants, and the happy polar bears (only $8 on Fruday the 23rd). Tis the season to be kitschy!


Found what you love? Enjoy some mayja discounts November 23-24. CHEERS!