I’m not at home (but making my second home in NYC feel mighty comfortable) to celebrate Chinese New Year, but tis the time to be sporting red and feeling mighty good about it. While I’m Canadian by roots, I like myself a good huge 10928190821 course meal (okay, take off most of those digits…)

In any case, you might as well look the part if you’re hoping to celebrate, so here are a few pickings that might get you happy and on your way to a sweet little year of the snake (doesn’t sound like that sentence was strung together right…hmmm.)

1. Red, red, red.


Chinese New Year 2013 - What to Wear


It’s nice to get done up, and red is always a flattering colour even outside of the holidays (though love day is coming up quite soon). Forever 21’s little diddy of red and bows is a great way to have a modern take on embracing the red tradition.


2. Gold Accessorizing

This one’s pretty darn exciting – Tiffany’s 18k Gold Elsa Peretti® Snake necklace is a whopping $11,600 CAD, but uhm, maybe with the abundance of red pocket money you might be able to recover with it. The novelty for a Snake horoscope bearer might just be there. I’m loving this because it’s a non-traditional shape, with the snake connecting to the necklace in an asymmetrical form, leaving the tail end to drape. Pretty. Top it off with a Tiffany’s bow and you’re good to go.

Chinese New Year 2013 - What to Wear

3. Sweet Shoes

Adore these – it’s a comfortable shape that provides good coverage for colder weathers, and is classic, nude, with a little texture. ShoeMint sure knows how to serve ’em well. The Jaysie from ShoeMint is 4 1/4 in height with all of the right fixings, and sits at about $80 (that’s Aldo prices, right on!)

Chinese New Year 2013 - What to Wear

4. A functional purse (to stuff goodies into)

I love this bag – part clutch part messenger, it’s got python and red rolled into one fine package. Nella Bella has been my latest obsession, offering vegan pieces that are practical and affordable. The London Nu Snake Canvas can be packed easily for travel (mine is loving its life in red, in NYC), and includes charms and chains.

Chinese New Year 2013 - What to Wear

5. Top it all off with a Warm, Winter jacket.

Lastly, after Nemo I’m thinking you probably could use a warm winter jacket – Soia and Kyo (one of my fave jacket brands of all time, regardless of the season) is offering up to 50% off select styles. The January Navy has an asymmetrical (whoa, trend) collar that’s a 3/4 length (lots of coverage) and a printed texture material. Lined, belted, and a hidden zip enclosure means more warmth for many years to come.