Coachella x FRUTTARE

Coachella – For the Newbie

Coachella with FRUTTARE - Balloons

Coachella with FRUTTARE - Mendocino

Been having a blast.

The air is fresh, the sun is strong beating down on our skin, and the music is unbelievable. Day one at Coachella is down – and I couldn’t have done it without some hearty meals (oh, pulled pork you are my weakness) comfy Toms, and my beautiful GiGi NYC Yellow Blaire Tote (find out how to win that soon).

Here are just a few of my fave shots from the day – I got to see Metric live (adore Emily Haines), Passion Pit (too too good), and The Stars. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend (I can’t believe I leave on Monday, tears).

Coachella with FRUTTARE - It Begins

Coachella with FRUTTARE - Lemon and Lim

Coachella with FRUTTARE - GiGi NYC Personalization

Coachella with FRUTTARE - The Wristbands

Coachella with FRUTTARE - urbanebloc!

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  • Adam

    Hey, love the site. But do you have more pictures? Would also like a more thorough write-up, if that’s possible! Finally, a small quibble. While I think the color scheme is cool for the site overall, when writing, it helps having a darker color for the text. Not necessarily typesetter black but at least dark blue or something even darker.


  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    Hey Adam,

    You are RIGHT – in a lot of ways. We’re looking to change up the design of the site to be fresher and easier to read (so cluttered right now, eek). RE: informative, this was just a quick update on the road so we want to do a recap shortly. Don’t worry, we’re on the move!

    - Gloria

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