From creamsicle orange to a lovely little pop of color from The Rockstar Jeans at Old Navy. Offered both in jean and cord format (ooo, nostalgia), these pants are a perfect transitional set of shades that can be worn right into fall (phew). My picks? Jute green and Tsunami (can’t say that’s my favourite name). I can envision jumping right into a pair and feeling at home. They call it the perfect fit, a perfect colour, and a perfect skinny jean (err, cord?) for everybody. It’s fresh, smiley, and as always (well, personally I find) so easy to care for and wear through and through.

The fun thing about this line is that it seems to propel this idea of “forever summer” (THANK GOODNESS – my most beloved season). Heather grays, purples, yellows, chambray are all pieces that fit in with this look wholeheartedly. I have to say – something about being able to bring in the brightness for the autumn has me even more eager to frolic around in nature and perhaps even backstage at upcoming events (wiggles eyebrows).

Old Navy is offering these beauts at $19.00 (scream – regular price is $44.50) until October 3rd, so scurry in and have a look see before your size is gone (not so perfect fit).