I’ve always kind of been self-conscious of my leg-to-torso ratio, and up until recently, avoided tight-fitting pants at all costs. So it came as a huge surprise to me when I found myself to be the owner of the tightest, shiniest and most ubiquitously high-waisted pants in existence.

Otherwise known as the American Apparel Disco pants, these skintight suckers haunted me for about a year before I actually wore them out of the house – and even while they were on my body, questions in the general vein of “why am I wearing these” and “can you see my underwear” were echoing in my brain. Unfortunately/fortunately, at the time that I purchased them, I wasn’t really thinking in terms of practicality. Rather, I experienced one of those fleeting moments when even the silliest of pant-ular purchases seemed absolutely necessary – even if it only meant staring at them daily and daring myself to put my plethora of sweatpants to rest.

And while I was figuring out the best way to wear said lounge-type pants out of the house (while still looking semi-presentable), my disco pants were collecting dust. And truthfully, this $90 piece of spandex would probably still be collecting dust if my blogging counterpart didn’t acquire a pair in white and proceed to wear them with everything…

Fast forward to now, these disco-ing beauties have been permanently removed from the dusty depths of my closet and reunited once more with my lower half. Though I still have moments of insecurity, being constantly confronted with shiny spandex is enough to ease my long-torsoed sorrows.

If you liked this useless anecdote, refer to the pictures below and observe as I wear these sassy pants like a champ, with a t-shirt, even though it is the wintertime. And Bianca, if you’re reading this, thank you for inspiring me to look like I’m dressing up as shiny black tar for a day-to-day Halloween party.