The awesome Abby Ho has done a little diddy to get together packages to giveaway for PUR Minerals Makeup. And one of these guys (may not be the exact one pictured above, but just as gravy) can be yours.


Win yourself a PUR Minerals Makeup Kit valued at $150 by just submitting a comment on this post. Anything you want. Really.


Here are the details:


- Must be Canadian

- Contest ends on Monday, October 11th, 2010, Winner will be announced in the afternoon.

- (1) One Kit will be given away, shipped this week

- You have to comment! So don’t just read this and skim over it, comment and win within days ;)

And that’s it! So comment away and get yourself a kit. Video from Abs below. Enjoy!


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  • http://www.unbrelievable.com Breanna

    WHEEE! I’ve recently moved all my skin care products to natural, chemical free, but have yet to do so with my actual makeup. I think it’s time, don’t you??!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=603738543&v=wall Kelsey

    enter!! :)

  • Kathy

    mineral makeup is awesome! and so is this giveaway :D PS: hi gloria!

  • http://terriblechild.wordpress.com Alexandra D

    Oooh so exciting! I’ve been wanting to try the Pur Minerals lemon mineral wash for a while now.

  • Veronica

    Enter! :D

  • Michele

    I wanna win! :)

  • Shanice Clarke

    oooh ENTER!!

  • Tiffany

    Yay entering for a giveaway!
    Awesome prize!

  • http://bestkeptsecret.onsugar.com Whtiney Lu

    btw, HI GLORIA!

  • gina

    Owww! This is purty!

  • amy

    <3 ! gloria you rock my socks.

  • Jas Banwait

    Cool contest Gloria and Abby! Happy to support you ladies!

    This is me entering :-)

    talk soon,

  • Hannah

    Sounds great!!

  • H-D


  • Lara Ariganello

    Abby – great video! Love the great prize! I have my fingers crossed – I’m a huge fan of mineral makeup!!!

  • nikki

    enter! ?

  • Yvonne


  • chen

    always wanted to try mineral makeup! :)

  • Myra

    Wow, it would be neat to try mineral makeup. Is it true that it offers a little bit of sun protection as well?

  • Diana


  • Tiffany


  • Cecilia

    Pick mmmeeeeee

  • Gizelle

    i LOVE pur minerals!!

  • Erwin

    Abby is very cute. That is all.

  • Michelle


  • Chantal


    Aaaaand great prize pack!! I hope there’s a body butter in the gift set to protect against the looming cold weather!

  • Susan

    Ahhh enter.

  • Elle

    Enter me!

  • Sana

    Great video! Yay for purminerals!

  • Susan

    Enter :)

  • Laura

    WOO! Purminerals!

  • http://marznoventa.blogspot.com Marz

    Enter :D

  • http://www.artculturemusiclove.com Nikki

    I would love to try Pur Minerals!

  • manwai

    enter! :)

  • Dezzii

    Enter me please. Thanks so much. Arlene

  • Dezzii

    Enter me please. Thanks so much. Arlene

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