Clarins Sunscreen, Madewell Sandals, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Suits, White Collar

1) Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40: The sun is FINALLY shining! That being said, we’ve gotta protect our skin from the harsh UV rays. I find that my skin can be very sensitive to the chemicals in most sunblocks, so I often try to find a titanium dioxide one that doesn’t give me a ghostly tint (ick, that grey ¬†sunblock¬†glow). This sunblock has broad-spectrum sun protection, goes on super super smooth and matte. Plus, it doesn’t make my face itchy. WIN!

2) Madewell slingback boardwalk sandals: Every summer, I wear out a pair of flat sandals! So this season, my go-to-walking footwear is this slingback sandal. They look super cute with jean shorts, dresses, and they match with everything.

3) Tom Ford Glasses: I am a dedicated contact lenses wear-er, so when I found a cute pair of glasses, I couldn’t resist! Who doesn’t want to save a few minutes every morning? I love these wayfayer-shaped frames. There is a great gradient on the frame too. They fade from eggplant to a muted tortoise shade and they fit JUST right. I ordered them from SmartBuy Optical.

4) Suits & White Collar: I am ADDICTED to White Collar and Suits right now. I also finished binge watching Scandal (which is also super great). These shows are wonderfully addictive and will do just fine until Breaking Bad is back in August.

5) VSCO Cam: My friend recently introduced me to this great app. It’s very easy to use and gives pretty filter options! You can adjust the lighting, the tints and much much more. It gives more variety than the average Instagram selection.


I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and I can’t wait to hear what your faves are this week!