1. Emily Woudenberg Scarb Necklace – Everyone near and dear to me knows I love a good statement necklace, and Emily Woudenberg’s wide range of designs are obviously no exception. I recently picked up this scarab necklace from her Paragon collection and have been wearing it nonstop. Though some people have questioned why I have a “bug” hanging from my neck, my reply is simply “IT’S FASHION!!!” Because it is.

2. Alexander Wang Anouck Boot – I indulged and bought these Anouck boots from Holt Renfrew on boxing day as a belated Christmas gift to myself. Though my shoe collection is constantly growing, I can’t foresee finding any boot that can match these in terms of LEVITATION.

3. Lana Del Rey Born To Die: Paradise Edition – I’m a big Lana Del Rey fan, and although I really enjoyed Born To Die: The Non-Paradise Edition, Born To Die: Paradise Edition is so much more paradise-y…so that’s really enjoyable.

4. Clinique Black Violet Lipstick – I love Clinique lipsticks because the colour is long-lasting and the formula itself is really moisturizing. Black Violet has been my go-to winter colour for a couple of years now, as it’s the perfect dark-but-not-too-dark, fancy-but-also-casual, fun-but-not-scary shade.

5. Wilfred Capucine T-Shirt – Even though it’s winter, I just want to live in this t-shirt forever. That’s not too much to ask, right?