My my, is it Friday again? It sure is, and here are a few of the goods that I’ve been madly in love with as of lately. Everything from beauty to basics, with a little tech peppered in. Here goes, read more after le jump.


I’m going to go ahead and call this technology – I was fascinated by the fact that there could exist an “automatic curler”. The Curl Active product boasts that it’s effortless professional quality, a motorized system with all the bells and whistles. The 1 + 1/4 barrel is a wide enough curl to create definition and dramatic finish for a wide variety of looks. It goes up to 450 degrees (bake that hair, much?) – and yes, I’ve managed to roast the tops of my ears a few times (ow).

* note that this item was gifted from Rowenta.


Okay, so I haven’t gone to Aritzia in a long while. A LONG while. Mostly because I couldn’t justify how expensive some of the pieces were getting, but I always get sucked back in for the basics. This jacket is no different – it’s got a perfect toggle closure, hood, great fit, and pockets that are beautifully integrated into the piece. Lush stuff, Talula Babaton – comes in a variety of colours.


Admittedly, I’m still learning a lot about this one. Not totally sure what my feel on it is, but I’m really enjoying my time learning how to use it, getting used to the Android interface (which is actually really convenient), and non-Apple lingo. I could see myself getting attached.

* note that this item was gifted from Telus.


I waltzed into a Shoppers Drug Mart because I really wanted to get a mini-makeover and pick out some of the perfect products to help me get out of bed late and still look like myself. This came at a strong recommendation by the Beauty Boutique artist helping me. Was more than impressed at the texture, and when applied with a brush, it could do some serious damage (making you think that it could be the equivalent of a foundation. Brilliant).

5. Clinique Chubby Stick

The name itself is novelty enough for me to jump on and buy it. Described by the same Shoppers attendant as above, as the “BB CREAM for the lips”, I had to give it a whirl. I have to say, it’s a little crayon-simple, but the product was more than beautiful when worn, and stunning to put on (it’s like my lips are thirsting for it – too bad I didn’t find this one in time for my last winter lips post).

That’s it, folks! Hope you have a few faves you can share with me as well.