True – it’s no secret that bloggers get inundated with some goodies from time to time, but I have to be clear about the fact that I really don’t post and review everything that I receive. Here are a few of my die-hard favourites as of lately, after sifting, sorting, gifting, and working these ALL into my day to day routines. Trust. These are great.


Loving this moisturizing / matte treatment – I’ve been using it layered over my pre-treatment (I use okrapeptide from indeed labs – more on them soon). Korres has a way of putting together products that feel potent but with the simplistic delivery of a luxury product. I love how it’s so effective in mattifying my skin prior to getting on my newfound love of BB cream. The only qualm I have with it is the fragrance – not a huge fan of having my skin products carry smells (great ones or not). It claims to have antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract combined with willow bark extract and rice starch to create a polished look.

While I railed out on the fact that I didn’t like fragrance in some of my products – hair products are definitely where this is not true. I LOVE this Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil product, it’s a fantastic (and very, very true to its delivery) oil treatment that is helping my sad, dry hair recover nicely in this winter weather. Smells amazing, and is used for dry or wet hair.

I blogged this one out at the Drake General Store visit that I did for World Master Card Fashion Week’s Stylicity program. Loved me up some of their goods, and this Malin + Goetz candle is something I’ve been manic obsessing over. While the price point is a bit more steep ($60+). It’s perfect for a mellow night in, and burns forever (it hasn’t even really made a dent and I swear I throw a match on it every other day).

This is my ultimate go-to post-showering (ow ow, too much information Gloria). I love how it’s got a very VERY subtle smell, it’s eco-friendly, and mostly plant-based (98%) with essential oils (this is starting to be a theme). Live Clean’s stellar Spa Therapy Line is the perfect compliment to any beauty collection you have. It’s a simple, pleasant product line that has me jumping for joy at the quality, the value, and the complementary individual products.

Everyone needs heat protectant – if you’re someone like me that styles their hair all too often and likes to turn up the heat because you think it works faster (wait, doesn’t it?) then Redken has a solution for you. I have to say that it’s probably not my most favourite heat protectant (still like the one from Trésommé) this one has an interesting delivery (gel format, that you just palm and rub into your hair). I suppose I get the feeling that it’s not spread throughout my hair, but I guess trust is important in your technique.

Lastly, Skinceuticals (a brand that I hadn’t yet had much exposure to) is a high-quality, advanced skincare line with a commitment to prevention, protection, and correction. The products that have been developed in their collection are backed by science, with day to day products and professional care. The particular one that I tried was for Breakouts and Aging – and thus far, after using it about twice a week for a month, it’s been a key piece in my regime. Though it’s a little drying (a cause for concern at times), it’s a great exfoliant that is true to its promises. My skin is happily cooperating and I’m ecstatic to keep consistent with it to see what happens.

“3.5% Glycolic Acid and 0.5% Citric Acid accelerate exfoliation while 0.3% LHA decongests clogged pores and diminishes the surface indicators of age.” – heck yea!

And that’s the round up! Hope you folks like – trial and error with products is sort of my new past time. ;)