How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - All Instructions

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Instructor

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow

I had an amazing time learning all about Tiffany’s methodology of tying their magical bows. There’s something about its perfectly crisp ribbon, bright white bow, stunningly textured blue box package that makes it all come together so particularly brilliantly. I was invited graciously to go and check out what the process was like to put the finishing touches together on a jewelry purchase a masterpiece. Learn a little more about what that was like after the jump.


Oh, don’t mind the photo above – the ribbon is nothing but stark white. Enjoy! (PPST, thanks Liv for the photos ;))


How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Drape

STEP 1: Drape.

Make sure you’re carefully draping around the center of the bright blue box – this will make a difference when you continue on with the steps. Handle the ribbon with care – you don’t want to let it wrinkle any way shape or form!

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Get Started

STEP 2: Wrap, Cross, and Pull

This looks like a good number of steps bundled into one – believe me, it is. When you meet the ends, make sure on of them crosses over slightly with the other. Loop the ribbon around again and aim carefully – pull as you can see the beautiful Tiffany’s expert do above.

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Tighten

STEP 3: Tighten

Tighten with care, as this is when the ribbon starts to take in creases. Always let everything face upwards, and crease upwards. Put your index finger down and hold.

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Instructions

STEP 4: Create your first loop

Make the first loop of your Tiffany’s bow with your finger acting as the guide and placeholder. Do it slowly, this part is tricky.


How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Oops

STEP 5: Oops

See what I mean? This is a common flub (err…okay I hope it is. I’m feeling all thumbs right about now).

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Getting some Help

STEP 6: Loop back and get a little help

It helps just to observe again, see what you’re missing and how you can get it right.

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Side by Side


Give it some volume by pushing the bow inwards, but retaining the shape with your fingers. I know this is hard to follow via internet instructions, but entertain me, will ya?

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Finishing Touches

STEP 7: Show off.

Snip, show it off. Feel good about wrapping up something wonderful as a gift to a good friend, family member…or even you! I know, I know, these steps don’t correspond with the collage at the top of the post – it’s because I’m not talented enough in the Martha Stewart department. Don’t you worry, I’m working on it.

How to Tie a Tiffany's Bow - Finished Product

AND THAT’S A WRAP (haha, joke..oh.)

Literally, a wrap. I enjoyed visiting the stunning Tiffany’s Store on Bloor Street. Hope you enjoyed it!