I love Metro Pop Magazine


Metro Pop Magazine was a bit of a mystery to me – I went to Chapters with the intention of finding another copy of Lula Magazine (which, since I’ve reported, has never surfaced on a bookshelf again for me), but came out with a copy of Z!nk Magazine and Metro Pop, totalling about $12.50 altogether.


My main motivator for buying Metro Pop was that it was sealed with a mysterious gift contained inside the pages. From my endless efforts to tilt and see what it was inside, I determined it was either a) A Swim Cap or b) Something inflatable because it looked like it had a valve.


And what was it?


Why, a friendly inflatable shoe from Onitsuka Tiger and TokiDoki of course! What an incredible promotion – I’ll forever keep my inflatable shoe. And I got so distracted, I haven’t even actually read the magazine (whoops).


Tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger Inflatable Shoe, Bottom


> images are from..me! even the handwriting, yikes.

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  • http://heydoyou.com yvonne

    igotme mine tokidoki shoezy too :):)

  • http://urbanebloc.com Gloria

    hilarity! does it look the exact same? they need to make this a collection haha d:


  • Ev

    You lucky duck! I’m gonna run out there and buy a magazine just for the shoe now too haha..
    btw did you check the store Pages for Lula Magazine? (That’s the one next to Hosu)..they have a lot of pop culture magazines..not to mention some other crazy magazines.., could be a good place to look =)

  • http://urbanebloc.com Gloria

    just do it! it’s a great collectable

    where is pages? I keep….OH WAIT I get it….for sure! darn, I haven’t been about to find lula for awhile now!

    thanks for le tip, and for commenting :D

  • Wayne

    Pages has other hard to find books/magazines as well. Highly recommended book store!

  • http://urbanebloc.com Gloria

    Awesome! That’s a must check out :D

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