KARMIN in Toronto – Live at CHUM FM

Karmin, Pulses, Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan

Karmin, Pulses, Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan

Karmin, Pulses, Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan


They’re humble, stylish, adorable, and all other adjectives that describe a charismatic duo. I had the opportunity to see and meet Karmin in Toronto while they’re on tour with the Jonas Brothers. After a full day of press, they played a showcase on a muggy rooftop with all of their biggest fans in the city. “Hello“, “Brokenhearted” and newly released “Acapella” were songs of choice. And yes, they’re every single bit as good live as they are in their monsterously viral videos.

Juicy questions and answers followed the performance – “Why isn’t Amy wearing her engagement ring?” Answers and more fun after the jump:


Karmin, Pulses, Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan

Why isn’t Amy wearing her engagement ring?

The duo answered the 12 year old girl in the audience with grace. “I told Nick he had to give me a bigger one”, jokes Amy. Without faltering, they chatted candidly about how Karmin being thrust into the limelight caused them to spend all of their time together (which isn’t always a good thing). And really, it just sounds like they wanted to do it right – view more on Perez Hilton.


Karmin, Pulses, Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan

Who are the most famous people in their phonebooks?

“Hmmm, probably Lindsay Lohan. But the coolest would probably be Timbaland”, as they chime in for each other.


Karmin, Pulses, Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan

Any other fun facts?

Amy, the sweetheart fashionista that she is – “Ooo, great purse, I have the same one in pink”, she says enthusiastically about my Michael Kors bag. “We must have nothing in common if you love fashion and everything hip” they added with a wink. Her new hair looks fantastical, and the outfit she donned was both daring and memorable (red dress with a bandeau red top).


A quick snap, cute jokes, and an autographed poster were distributed as Nick and Amy gave me a smile and wave in unison. Nicest musicians I ever did meet – ones that ask you questions with genuine interest and lively commentary.


Thank you Sony Music for giving me the opportunity to meet the duo – be sure to pick up their new album Pulses when it’s out in September, and download their song “Acapella” on iTunes.


Karmin Pulses

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  • http://chicdarling.com Chic Darling

    Oh gosh she looks exceedingly gorgeous in this photo. The outfit, makeup, hair, etc are all superb. Love her more!

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