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What do you get when you combine e-reader technology and fashion? The possibilities are endless!

For World MasterCard Fashion Week, Kobo partnered with notable designers under THE COLLECTIONS including Chloé Comme Parris, Sid Neigum, Thomas Bálint, Laura Siegel and Klaxon Howl, as well as new designers under their wing, LACERDA and Matthew Gallagher. We had the chance of attending their designer pre-party at the posh SOHO House, the perfect venue to celebrate this geek chic collaboration in its salon with vintage and classic books lining the walls.

LACERDA - Collection Preview

LACERDA – Collection Preview

Matthew Gallagher - Preview

Matthew Gallagher – Collection Preview

Designers Matt Robinson - Klaxon Howl and Thomas Balint

Designers – Matt Robinson – Klaxon Howl – Thomas Bálint

Designer PreParty

Drawing inspiration from the new Kobo Arc 7″ tablets, the designers used the devices to create and manage their looks for their Fall/Winter 2013 collections. Pamela Hilborn, Vice President, Product & Design, Kobo was also on-site to share the passion that Kobo has for design and why partnering with THE COLLECTIONS was a perfect strategy for them this fashion season.

“Design is part of Kobo’s DNA. Our emphasis on thinking about and talking to the people who use our products is how we’re able to create the best possible experiences around reading,” said Pamela Hilborn, Vice President, Product & Design, Kobo. “We are thrilled that we can help support these designers and foster innovation within the fashion community through our partnership with THE COLLECTIONS.”

Matthew Gallagher Kobo Case + Pianist

It was amazing to see how the designers used the Kobo Arc devices to pin sketches, videos, pictures, websites and other items of inspiration to Kobo Tapestries, which creates connections to information of interest and gives users the freedom to organize and enjoy content how they choose. They also created a special collection of Kobo sleeves that were also on display at the exclusive launch event.

Sid Neigum - Kobo Case

Sid Neigum‘s inspiration

Christine 2

DJ 2


Captured in a moment with the lovely Jodi Goulart

We’re obsessed with THE COLLECTIONS and everything that they do for the fashion community. Already looking forward to the next fashion season to see what they’re going to do next!


Dwayne Kennedy, Mel Ashcroft, Brian A. Richards – THE COLLECTIONS team

Photography provided by: Yousuf Afridi