Make Your Own Home Gym Gym Accessories

Working out at home is a great way to avoid excuses and get ’em done first thing in the morning. I prefer working out before I start my day because my energy is fresh as opposed to dragging myself to the gym at the end of a stressful day in the evening. Plus, I feel more wired because of the daylight! These are some basic and essential fitness accessories to build your own home gym that I find most useful. Working out at home is so convenient and allows you to develop consistent habits since it cuts out that drive or walk to the gym *rolls eyes*.

1. Foam roller: This will help stretch sore muscles while working out your kinks and knots. Use it also as a strength-trainer to engage your core and tone your thighs/butt.

2. Medicine ball: Throw it, catch it, hold it! The medicine ball will challenge your coordination while toning your upper and lower body – slam it into the ground or catch it mid-lunge.

3. Dumbbells: Versatile tools key to your workout from “lunge and curl” to “dead-lifts”.

4. Kettlebell: One of my favorite accessories for a while now that challenge my biceps. Since its weight isn’t evenly distributed, your body will work twice as hard when you swing it to stabilize and balance its momentum.

5. Skipping rope: An ideal calorie-burning cardio warm up to tone calves and leg muscles. Simple and effective!

6. Resistance band: Wrap these tightly to create resistance against your muscles for endurance. You can use it with any exercise to replace free weights as a lightweight and portable alternative.

7. Bosu ball: A balance trainer to amp up your workout while performing strengthening exercises. Both sides can be used as a platform for whichever training you choose to do.