MGMT Contest


You know their infectious music and you know their infectious behaviour (well, at least I think I do). I absolutely ADORE the ORACULAR SPECTACULAR CD from the Brooklyn fiends.


I know you love it too.


So at long last I bring to you the MGMT KIDS Contest, here’s all you have to do to win a


You heard! Here’s all you have to do:

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  2. Comment on this post (be sure to enter a valid e-mail address in the form, no worries, no one will see it but me) with a line from either KIDS or Time to Pretend (I wasn’t clear earlier…but I prefer you use KIDS) and why you love that line. I vote you make it funny.
  3. Wait for me to do a video draw for the winner after Feb 15th, 2009. And zat is it folks!
  4. PS – I’m giving away TWO.

* Please note that the contest is only available to CANADIAN RESIDENTS.

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  • http://underpunches.tumblr.com Boris

    I can’t figure out what a family of trees wantin’ to be haunted means especially to kids. That’s all I think about when I listen to this song.

  • el

    “You pick the insects off plants
    No time to think of consequences”

    i assumed this line was about how when you’re a little kid you don’t care if anyone sees you eating the bugs you picked off the plants!!
    there is something to be said for not being self conscious.

  • http://nuclearfly.com Jason

    A family of trees wanting to be haunted — is it that the family is so lonely that any attention is good attention even if it’s bad? If so we all know loneliness is effing funny. Right?

  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    hahaha..keep them coming guys, pretty golden!

  • Wayne

    “Control yourself, Take only what you neeeeeeeeeeeeed from it”

    Breast feeding. Nuff said.

  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    you are soooo lucky this is a draw. soooo lucky.

  • Annabelle

    memories fade, like looking through a fogged mirror
    decisions to decisions are made and not fought
    but I thought… this wouldn’t hurt a lot… I guess not..

    -from KIDS

    this CD plays at my workplace practically 3 times a day and these are the only lyrics I remember because it’s the only song that gets me amped on the job!

  • http://www.gettingbeatlikeyoustolesomething.blogspot.com greenjeans

    “Let’s make some music make some money find some models for wives.”

    Who hasn’t had a best friend at some point say something like this? Normally it’s at a bar, around 1:30 am and you’ve just discussed how life in an office would make your head explode. Too bad it’s so hard to find money and models….

  • jntn

    “I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and f*** with the stars.”

    In this context, I guess Paris could be France or Hilton.

  • max

    “making momma so proud, but your voice is too loud”
    i think its just so true >_< kids can be so nice but also so annoying with their loud voice haha

  • http://wyninspires.com Wynne

    You were a child
    Crawling on your knees toward him
    Making momma so proud
    But your voice is too loud
    We like to watch you laughing
    Picking insects off of plants
    No time to think of consequences

    - no time to think of consequences :) That’s great.

  • Mark

    This song is about kids growing up innocently and having fun.

    My darker interpretation is that it is about kids taking something they shouldn’t from their mother’s purse (like drugs):

    “crawling on your knees…voice is too loud….laughing & picking insects off plants” – high on something or just being kids?

    “Control yourself
    Take only what you need”…should have taken less and not been caught.

    “But I thought this wouldn’t hurt a lot
    I guess not”….the child is hurt emotionally when caught and disciplined :) I love these lines not matter what they mean.

  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    I love how philosophical these are all getting ;D

  • Agnes

    “No time to think of consequences”

    Probably about the film “Twilight” – watch it and get a never ending crush of Edward, the Vampire!! :D

    kids// ^

    “Forget about our mothers and our friends
    We’re fated to pretend”

    Most likely -> ignoring everyone while you’re so lamely in love :))

    //time to pretend.^

  • Wayne

    mine is the most philosophical of them all!

  • Christian

    “Decision to decision are made but not thought. but i thought this wouldn’t hurt alot i guess not.”

    there are better lines from the mystic refs
    but i just love how the lines dont really have a real meaning and they’re aren’t suppose to mean something deeper than what is said

    mgmt is the psychadelic saviours of our generation
    they will be the beatles, neil young, david bowie of our time
    when we’re older we can be like “kids, take my vinyls. this is the music i grew up on.”

    i need this record thats autographed man!
    so badly

    peace love

  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    hahaha love this “mgmt is the psychadelic saviours of our generation”


  • Tommy

    “Control yourself
    Take only what you need from him”
    MGMT – Kids

    I’ve no idea what this really means, but it guilt’s me from taking money from my pops to pay for school. However, receiving Redpockets for Chinese new years, I have zero guilt for.

    “I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life.
    Let’s make some music, make some money, find some models for wives.
    I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars.
    You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.”
    MGMT – Time To Pretend

    I am absolutely in love with this opening verse. It starts the mood of the song with energy and a vivid image of the song. I just love this song really. If you pay attention to the lyrics its like they’re singing the life cycle of someone whose made it big, complete with their midlife crisis:

    “I’ll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms
    I’ll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world”

    The lyrics feel as if they’re unforgivably telling truth. If the writers and photographers of Vice Magazine where to have a theme song, this would be their anthem.

    Its really the abstract, borderline absurd lyrics of MGMT that really captures the psychedelic side of me that comes out when I take my hour-long journeys to work/school.

    zOMG MGMT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I own their CD already but it would (indie) rock if I could win this!!!

  • Tommy

    Also I’d like to add Time to pretend is a loaded gun pointed at the lifestyles of rockstars who’ve made it big. But its also ironically twisted that this song also validates this hero-to-zero lifestyle by constantly reminding everyone “we’re fated to pretend”.

    Sniff* had I been introduced to MGMT a bit earlier I would’ve caught them at the Virgin festival. ANYONE KNOW WHEN THEY’RE GONNA BE IN TOWN NEXT?

  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    I saw them at Virgin Fest! People were going caraazay! Check their myspace or something maybe it’s on there? :D cheerios!

  • Jennifer

    The memories fade
    Like looking through a fogged mirror
    Decision to decisions are made and not bought
    But I thought this wouldn’t hurt a lot
    I guess not

    this part makes me tingle.
    you’re thinking about it…. but it seems so long ago…. when you were young and carefree…. you can hardly remember as you grow up…. foggy memories.

    making decisions… for yourself… not from someone else…… thinking it wouldnt hurt…. wouldnt get you in trouble.
    you were wrong.

    or this is what it’s about:

    “hey its 3am and im drunk. I picked up a random girl and i thought she looked cute…. but im not too sure… its a little foggy…. beer goggle foggy. but i think i paid her to come home with me, and now I got some disease and it hurts”

    ^^^ thats the totally off the wall version that i made up. (obviously)

  • Anna

    we’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun.

  • Jackie

    Can i quote the beat of the song “kids” instead? O i wish i could, the beat is what captivated me first. anyways heres my quote:

    “memories fade like looking through a foooooog mirror.”

    I hope this doesnt happen to my parents in which they completely forget their own memories of the glorious decade of the 60′s. I still want to ask them questions about the happenings in 1968.

    I love MGMT. Theyre like a modern revival of the decade i regretfully was not born into and the decade i love so much, the 60′s. I bet if i were born then, i would have been a hippie, and would have been wearing headbands all the time, just like Andrew Vanwyngarden does.
    Funny that I was listening to “love always remains” by them at the exact same time i read this bulletin. Is it fate?

    o and Gloria if you love MGMT as much as i dooooooo….. you have to listen to “Metanoia” its friggin 13 minutes long, but its so good and random and psychedelic like they always are.

    -inagaddadavida baby

  • lalena

    “control yourself, take only what you need from it.”
    SELF CONTROL. well, obviously, but also saying how much we take for granted. we use way more whatever then we need and we leave nothing for those who need it. if you think about it, the human race is kind of a bitch among all the animals and stuff.

    sad, so sad. maybe mgmt is way more intellectual and advanced than the rest of us. and they just occupy their time with music when they’re not figuring out a way to save the world(:

  • Lynn

    Loved MGMT at the Virgin Music Fest… would love a signed CD too!

  • Lynn

    Oh wait… and this too: “Control yourself – Take only what you need from it. A family of trees wantin’… to be haunted.”

  • http://www.urbanebloc.com Gloria

    haha oh myyyyy lynnnnnn

  • http://www.jwuphoto.com JWu

    “I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars.
    You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.

    This is our decision, to live fast and die young.
    We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun.”

    This couldn’t be more appropriate because I’m flying out to Paris in a week’s time to study and do just that.

    Cheers to taking risks and living in the moment!

  • http://www.2ROCKIT.com 2ROCKIT.com

    take only what you need from it.

  • gizelle

    “You were a child,
    crawlin’ on your knees toward it.
    Makin’ mama so proud,
    but your voice is too loud. ”

    if this song wasnt called kids, and you didnt listen to the rest of the lyrics, this part can almost be interpreted as dirty… haha

  • Dave Luciani

    Uhm, does the main Riff of the song count ?? cause I could listen to that over and over and over again and never get sick of it haha.

    But, I guess I should choose an actual line from the lyrics hahaha!

    “Decisions to decisions are made and not bought. But I thought this wouldn’t hurt a lot. I guess not.”

    t changes up the rhythm of the song haha and I like how it all rhymes! =) I honestly have no clue… I used to think the song was just about kids, but the trees confused me. So, then i thought it was about how we’re using up our natural resources and our kids are the ones who will suffer from it. Hence, “Take only what you neeeeeeeed from it.” AND “The water is warm, but it’s sending me shivers.” lol but even now, I dunno if I even know what I’m talking about. And I love that they can do that to me, with one simple song haha. Regardless, I love it. SO GOOD.

    And Gloria, Lalena is right. Metanoia is AMAZING. It’s like, FINALLY a band who remembers how amazing music used to be… Everything about MGMT is amazing, from how they originated all the way to the way every song is different but equally awesome.

    P.S. Cannot wait for their new album, hopefully coming out this year!

  • VRSoner

    “The water is warm
    But it’s sending me shivers
    A baby is born
    Crying out for attention”

    I’m not even gonna try to decipher that one.

  • Amy

    “Take only what you need from him”
    <3 <3 <3 gloria! this site looks amazing!

  • kyle

    “love must be forgotten, life can always start off a new”

    ^^ most skipped over lyrics in time to pretend

    i NEED to win this


  • Batman3009

    A family of trees wanting to be haunted-
    Its about drugs…family of trees=the veins. Take only what you need=Take the amount of drugs you need to get high.

  • http://www.fororchestra.com Walt Ribeiro

    Looks like I’m late for the signed copy. Either way these guys are awesome, even I arrange their songs too! Brooklyn Bands rock :)

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