Cirque Du Soleil

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the holiday season magic! And wow, is Worlds Away by Cirque Du Soleil equally magical!!! I have never been to a live Cirque show, but this 3D film has me at the edge of my seat and a few clicks away from booking a flight to Vegas to watch a live show…ASAP. Cirque du Soleil World’s Away is a brilliant display of acrobatics, creativity and the circus arts are truly breathtaking.


Though this is not festively-themed, this film transports you into a world that is even bigger than the biggest cinema screen. The Cirque World is even too large for the 3D screen, yet still so awe inspiring that I was gasping for air. It has been awhile since I’ve felt so shocked and inspired.

The film, produced by James Cameron, is about love at first site and is narrated by a medley of Beatles’ tracks that get your heart racing along with the gravity-defying stunts and magic.


For the inside scoop on the film, I had the opportunity to meet with the star, Erica Linz, a Cirque performer turned actor. She described working with James Cameron as a wonderful experience, “he’s part scientist, part artist”, which is not unlike the theory, discipline and artistry required to put together any Cirque performance.


Though no one speaks in this film, each dreamlike acrobatic interlude is beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Its beauty is indescribable.

Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away is now playing at select theatres and should not be missed.