The Bling Ring - Movie Review

The Bling Ring - Movie Review


I was overly ecstatic to watch The Bling Ring for far too many superficial reasons (okay, I can admit it now before you tell me “I told you so”). It was a perfect blend of sensational visuals, Sleigh Bells music, and designer product paradise. Too bad I wasn’t able to diagnose that all of those layered together, does not make for an award-winning movie (Sofia Coppola expectations aside).

The movie starts out predictably. Alternative school, flashing lights, night clubs, drinking, and more. If you had done any research prior to slipping into one of those comfy theatre chairs, you would vaguely know what the plot plays out to be. What most of the audience expectedly perched on their chairs with popcorn for, was an explanation. We didn’t get it.


There’s Such thing as Under Acting

Bravo to Emma Watson for being a standout actress in all of this – her almost-parody of girls who dwell in the Hills is passable and eventually likeable. As for the others? Eh. Not memorable in the least. I don’t recall the ring leader having any of the qualities they described the real Rachel Lee to have – manipulative, powerful, with a wild streak. The girl in the movie? Obnoxious with a tendency to nag. I’m good on character development.


The Trailer is Really the Spoiler

It’s almost as if you’re watching the film to “Where’s Waldo” the clips and one-liners. There were certain points in the movie where the crowd was squinting incredulously at the senseless filler. Did we really need to see the male lead prance around in front of a webcam singing for three minutes? No. Did we want to see “Supporting Girl #3” jump into a stranger’s bed and shoot a loaded gun by accident? Probably not. Was there a point we missed? Probably.


Yes, we get it, there’s stuff. And Lots of it.

I’ll give the movie this much – there’s a beautiful array of swag (oh yes, and that includes handguns). Wealth and indulgence to no end in this movie are an attractive feature. While America has an obsession with peeping into Hollywood’s private life (like Paris Hilton’s home being on showcase several times in the film), I can’t help but wonder what the deeper meaning the movie tries to reveal is supposed to be.


The Verdict

We give this movie 2/5 popcorns. Just like The Hills – pretty, but no substance.


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