• Aisha

    Yay for savings! :)

  • Artena Douglas

    Not fair there is no cell service where I live so I can not take part! And it is three hours to get to cell service over a mountain pass!! That will cost me $100 in gas!

  • Tasha May Inkpen

    Woohoo excited for this one! =)

  • MarkE

    Free shipping with a qualified purchase with most retailers eh!
    Best Buy Canada: free shipping on purchases over $20, and free scheduled delivery on all TVs over 43”.
    Future Shop: free shipping on purchases over $20, and free scheduled delivery on all TVs over 43” and major appliances.
    Roots Canada: free shipping on all purchases.
    Babies “R” Us Canada and Toys”R” Us Canada: free shipping on purchases over $75.

  • Mavaddat Javid

    After a thorough cost-benefit analysis (including opportunity cost), I’ve determined that my time (and the quality of my Twitter posts) is worth more to me than any savings or prizes I might make on this party. Thanks for the invitation, though!

  • Donald Jeannotte Englehart

    Let’s pay exorbitant canadian taxes to save on shipping:-(

  • Thomas Hess

    HA HA only works with selectedf stores…………… BS as far as i am concerned

  • Thomas Hess

    only about 7 stores of ther choosing

  • Thomas Hess

    that is total bull shit

  • LOHC

    I don’t know why I am getting this offer, I do not have a PaypPal account and I am not on Twitter , don’t even know how either works ????

  • LOHC

    Does it cost $$ to have a PayPal account and does it cost to be on twitter ?

  • Dawn Gardy

    I am a small business and offer free shipping on my picture frames. How would I be able to join up with paypal for this offer? http://www.prairielaneboutique.com

  • Donna Varty

    No cost on either

  • Chris Stockford

    Ready to party!

  • Kevin

    is it here where the party starts?

  • gloria | urbanebloc
  • Adrienne leigh sass

    free shipping but what should I buy!?

  • Sandy Trojansek

    Free shipping sounds perfect to me!!!

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