Shades Daddy Prescription Frames

SHADESDADDY.com - D&G Cat Eye Glasses

SHADESDADDY.com - D&G Cat Eye Glasses

SHADESDADDY.com - D&G Cat Eye Glasses

Picked up some fun awesome new frames from ShadesDaddy.com – they’re always so good to me. The D&G 52mm DD1213 (errrr, cat eye, gold sides, tortoise beautiful main frames…) are my die hard favourite glasses. So much so that when I thought I had lost them (but luckily found them at someone’s house), I had turned up every thing that I owned to get to them.

Pair these babies with a fur collar (wooo, what I’m wearing), a LOFT neck tie blouse, and a men’s cardigan (okay, I stole it from my boyfriend, I swear I have my own cashmere blend one from Banana Republic that I’ll happily go home to. Topped with Gold buttons, no less).

What do you think? I hear Shanice is digging them too ;)

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  • http://whenjmetk.com Kathleen

    I think they look great. The cat-eye flatters you, and I actually think that I have yet to find someone who the cat-eye doesn’t flatter, or at the very least improve..does that make sense? Pretty good choice

    Kathleen of whenjmetk.com

  • http://riainthecity.com ria


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