TFI New Labels 2013 - The Finalists

TFI New Labels 2013 - The Show, George Pimental Photog

Image by George Pimental


Image by George Pimental

TFI New Labels 2013 - Runway

TFI New Labels 2013 - Dina Pugliese

This past week we were welcomed into the beautiful Carlu on College to celebrate Canadian Designers at the TFI New Labels Competition. Supported by a multitude of Canadian powerhouses, the New Labels (#newlabels) gala welcomes the most stylish of Toronto media, fashion industry members, and local design enthusiasts.

With an efficient schedule of pre-show cocktails, a succinct program of opening remarks to individual designer showcases, the event included host Dina Pugliese (who is wildly charismatic, by the by), and speakers from Target Canada and Proctor and Gamble Beauty. Suzanne Rogers was also a hugely celebrated judge at the event, donating $25,000 to the winner of the competition (who would also have the opportunity to have a line at Target Canada).

As for the designers? Sarah StevensonChristopher Paunil (a crowd favourite, with STUNNING and highly wearable pieces), Paria ShirvaniSEVENTHIRTYONE (adore their aesthetic) all were vying for the coveted title of TFI New Labels winner.The results? After the jump.

Thanks to TFI New Labels for having us – Christine and I had the most incredible time, and were craning our necks for each new look.


TFI New Labels 2013 - The Stage

TFI New Labels 2013 - Paria Shirvani

TFI New Labels 2013 - RunwayTFI New Labels 2013 - Runway

TFI New Labels 2013 - Runway

TFI New Labels 2013 - Runway

TFI New Labels 2013 - Runway

TFI New Labels 2013 - Dina with Chloe Rogers

TFI New Labels 2013 - Sarah Stevenson Accepts Winning Title

TFI New Labels 2013 - Christine and Gloria

TFI New Labels 2013 - The Collections + Cara Cheung

TFI New Labels 2013 - Beauty Hair + Dress!

TFI New Labels 2013 - Swag

Image by George Pimental


Candid images by Gloria Chik, Christine Lu of 

CONGRATULATIONS Sarah Stevenson for taking the winning spot – we’re ecstatic to see what hits stores!