BB Z10


Note that the contest is over:

The BB 10 is a gorgeous, slick, stunning phone. Rave or rant, we know that this is a piece of technology art, with the same familiar BB goodness (typing, email superiority, etc) While I had hovering question marks over my head because of the Alicia Key’s appointment as global creative director, I’m happy to receive the information about an improved model.


Thanks to Virgin Mobile, we’re getting on board with their latest and greatest benefits as a Virgin Mobile Member (not customer, member). Some info:


“Virgin’s Member’s Lounge is the place for Member’s to check out all of the amazing perks Virgin has to offer its Member’s. At the lounge, you can check out upcoming concerts, sign up for VIP access and guest lists, check out exclusive deals and login to your personal Virgin Mobile account. You can also check out Virgin’s apps and downloads and learn more about Virgin Mobile Canada’s Virgin Unite program where you can help do some good by supporting youth homelessness in Canada.”


Sweet, that means benefits like:

Music – Chances to win VIP tickets, pre-sale ticket offers, and a shot at the VIP experiences and guest list access to the hottest shows, for example the Live at Squamish and Osheaga music festivals this summer.

Entertainment – Chances to win sweet movie offers and access to advanced screenings with Cineplex.

Fashion & Beauty – Deals on the latest and greatest hot fashion and beauty brands from H&M, Dynamite, West 49 and more.

Travel – Deals on flights, hotels and even new cars through Flight Centre and Deals on Wheels.


URBANEBLOC IS GIVING AWAY (1) BB10, (1) $50 gift card to H&M and (1) $50 gift card to Body Shop

Here’s how to win:

  1. Enter through RaffleCopter, below
  2. Make some noise: The more entries, the merrier. The higher your chance of winning. I want to see your posts, messages, comments!
  3. Leave me some Quality Comments: Tell me what you would do with the gift cards and phone. Maybe it’s phoning your dad and letting him know you’re taking him to buy some new trousers and ties at H&M. Maybe it’s that you’re doing a pampering session with your girlfriends with Body Shop products. Tell me why you love this program!


That’s it! Entries welcomed until March 29th. Winners announced April 1 (no joke). See you there!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Open only to CANADIAN entrants. Must enter through Raffle Copter. Not valued for any cash prize. Subject to urbanebloc’s discretion in case of any suspicious behaviour. Winner will be chosen at random.

BB Z10

BB Z10

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  • anita nickerson

    I would call my friends on the new phone and let know that I am shopping with the gift cards from this awesome contest!

  • Frederick

    Could be paired with my BlackBerry Playbook

  • Ei Leen

    Bodyshop GC would be a b’day gift; I want a new top from H&M & I’m keeping the phone!!

  • Robyn B.

    The phone is for me….gc for my hubby. Wicked giveaway!

  • Areta

    I would give the gift cards to my mom for her birthday coming up!

  • Carla

    What a great giveaway! I would absolutely use the gift cards on myself. This momma needs some freshening up. lol The phone would be a fabulous treat for my husband.

  • Ann W

    Would be a great phone for my spouse to use for his business. Just have to get him to learn how to use it.

  • Issac

    Body Shop for my wife, H&M for my kids and I will keep the Z10! ;-)

  • Jess

    I would use the Z10 camera to “VLOG” myself going on a shopping spree at H&M and TBS! Isn’t that what everyone does (on youtube) nowadays? ;)

    p.s. i didn’t get to paste the link for my tweet for today in the rafflecopter but here it is (https://twitter.com/jesskayelle/status/315255613678559232)

  • Michelle B

    I would keep the BB for myself and give the gift cards to my daughter who love to shop.

  • Annnnnn

    I am giving the gift cards to my Mom because I love her and it is her 70th birthday!

  • Susie Miner

    I would love to support a Canadian company by having a Blackberry

  • Kevin B.

    I’d tweet CrackBerry and tell them that thanks to Urbanebloc I’m now one more BlackBerry user! As for the H&M gift card, I’d use it to buy some new white t-shirts, socks, and underwear. The essential stuff!

  • Andrew

    Bubble batch courtesy of The Body Shop while chatting on my shiny, new BB Z10. Bliss.

  • Valerie

    Awesome giveaway! I would keep the phone for myself and give the gift cards to my mom and brother!

  • tanya c

    I would use the phone right away as my Torch is dying…then I would go to H&M and tweet on the BB10 about doing so…..then off to Body Shop and take a pic with the BB10 camera and that would be my day!

  • julie_bolduc

    I love the body shop!!!! would get lots of body scrub ;)

  • http://beautykissxo.blogspot.ca/ Jenny

    I will definitely put those GCs to use (even if it’s a bit superficial..); I would head to H&M to get myself some stylish clothing, and then head to the Body Shop for some luxe body care items. Then I would rock this new “ensemble” to school and hope that the hot guy in my metabolism class asks for my #… which I will then be able to whip out my BB Z10 and exchange numbers with him. So much stylish-ness… how can he resist. lol And if he doesn’t… well, at least I still got a BBZ10 and am looking and smelling good ;)

  • http://corecorina.com Corina

    I’d put the BB to the test during a content creation session… or pick up some luxury items with the gift cards :)

  • Sandy Trojansek

    What an amazing contest! I would keep the phone, and buy gifts with the cards for my family!!

  • Patrick S

    i’m giving it to my gf as a birthday present.

  • Tessa

    I would keep the BB for myself, then take my sister to the mall to use the gift cards :)

  • Arjun Rudra

    Would use the phone to google the H&M location, get outfitted with some new threads and then call my sister and tell her that she’s getting an early birthday present this year and to meet me at the nearest Body Shop for a mini shopping spree.

  • Andrew

    Prep for fashion week: clean and fresh wearing new threads while tweeting my adventure.

  • Carol M

    I’d keep the phone for me, as I am cell phone less. I’d also use the gift cards to buy some little treats for my friends.

  • Judy Hunting

    I would give the phone to my husband as his phone dies every hour, and we can’t afford a new one right now, As for the gift cards I would buy myself something nice.

  • jen s.

    i’d get dvd’s from HMV, and some body butters from the The Body Shop. The phone – I’d use it of course! I love blackberry but my mine is really old and really slow and this new one has such amazing features that i’d be so excited to use! thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • MissT

    I would use the new BB10 to replace my old Curve that has trackpad issues(goes up when I want it to go down) that drives me so MAD. I would relieve some stress with some ME shopping and buy some Body Shop soap and make up. Check out H&M and pick up a new shirt.

  • Glogirl

    I would keep the cell phone as I currently don’t have one! As for the gift cards, I would pamper my mom and sister with these.

  • Belinda McNabb

    I would buy myself a lotion and a new pretty top! I would give the phone to my son because I love him

  • stacey h

    my current phone is still ‘old school’ so it would be awesome to have a phone that has so many capabilities.
    as for the GC’s i love the body shop green tea face products, so i’m sure i would stock up. H&M has an endless amount of cute clothes so i’m sure i’ll find something great.

  • Chi

    I’d do everything! I’ve got a hunk of junk Nokia phone running Symbian, so it would be great to have a phone that actually has capabilities.

  • Kevin W

    I would love to replace my broken phone and take my girlfriend out for a mini-spree at The Body Shop. And while she’s shopping, I’ll be watching videos on the BB Z10.

  • Sandy Trojansek

    I would love to win the phone, and give the gift cards to family as gifts!! :) (great contest)

  • Sophia

    My dad’s birthday is coming up and I would love to give him the phone so he can finally have a smartphone! The Body Shop GC would go to my mom so she can pamper herself with some products. Finally, I would use the H&M GC to get myself some stylish spring & summer pieces!

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