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If you ask anyone how on earth you’ll have the energy to survive this chaotic week, they’ll tell you coffee and lots of it! While I’ll never bad mouth a drink that got me through university, internships and at one point 70+ hour work weeks, there is a healthier way. Vitamins and minerals, and lots of it! Juices -try Toronto brand Be Nourished– will give you the much needed energy boost without the disgusting crash. So instead of drinking coffee, have a juice. Your body will thank you. 


Social conventions be damned, when my feet hurt, I’m down for the count. So go ahead, mix up your look with a pair of flats during the week…it’ll be ok. With these Charles Philip Shanghai smoking slippers, I mean, how could you not?


If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Same logic applies here. If you had the night of your life, but you didn’t capture it on Instagram, I dunnooo, did it really happen?


Every fashion week, the tents are flooded with photogs and I for one am not photogenic. Not only do a pair of sunglasses make you look cool, they hide a myriad of potential disasters. Lazy eye, half blink, bitch-face  ….you get the idea.


Lipstick is another lovely device that will automatically make you feel more put-together, confident and pretty. This just happens to be my go-to confidence booster, if yours is blush, mascara or concealer make sure to keep it on your person at all times.


One of the reasons that I love that the shows are in David Pecaut square is because of its close proximity to Canteen. The Oliver & Bonacini property serves up delicious and relatively healthy meals that won’t break the bank. Also, the large windows allow you to look onto King so that you can people watch in between shows.


The hurry up and wait affair of fashion week will leave you away from a respectable (ie. your own) bathroom for quite a while. This may lead to you not smelling your freshest self. Make sure to carry a travel sized perfume with you so that when everyone says you look “funky” they’re talking about the coolness of your outfit and not well…ahem.

Go forth and good luck ladies and gents! See you there!