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Determined, yet confused, lost but centered. Today’s 20-something woman is a myriad of all these polarizing characteristics. Travis Taddeo encapsulated this angst perfectly in a collection entitled “Doomed Generation”. The inspiration of the collection was the atomic bomb, so naturally the colour palette was full of smoky greys, whites and fiery reds. The styling was simply gorgeous, the random backpack thrown over the shoulder of a chic dress truly demonstrated how complex the women of my generation are. We want to be free spirits, but we want to grow up and it’s a daily struggle to figure it out. The models were some of the best I’ve seen all week and the Fashion Collective did a great job casting. Overall this was my favourite show and I felt like it was a collection that we could really show off to the world on a global stage, and after all isn’t that what this week was all about?