urbanebloc Team Resolutions

urbanebloc Team Resolutions

urbanebloc Team Resolutions

Oh it’s that time of year again is it? I suppose the theme right now is all about New Years Resolutions, and we at urbanebloc are all about them for our respective subjects of interest. So here goes:

BEAUTY – Crystal

My one beauty resolution for 2013 is to take off my makeup and thoroughly cleanse my face every evening. I have it in my head that tinted moisturizer isn’t really makeup so I go to bed most nights without cleansing and moisturizing. It does build up!! I’m also going to use my new Clarisonic Mia exfoliator everyday!



Watch more documentaries and listen to new music!



To focus on the one relationship I always seem to neglect – the one with myself!



After all of the holiday eating and partying, I just want to bounce back quickly into shape. My 2013 fitness resolution is to drink eight glasses of water a day and to take that yogilates class every Saturday at the gym that I’ve been missing to sleep in. Plan for your workouts and let’s go!



Update more, recycle more, do more, learn more, read more…and decide that more is more (in the case of the interwebs).


* * *

What are YOUR RESOLUTIONS! (scream)?