How to be GREENER

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Happy Earth Day everyone! Today we show our planet some good, long deserved loving by getting proactive and green-conscious! You’ve heard it multiple times before but never took it seriously, am I right? Let me tell you that being “GREEN” is not a hipster phase but a lifestyle that will make you feel goooood. A guy who knows how to recycle practically owns my heart. Don’t be a litterbug and practice your part: Read more

the shOws – FW 2014

the shOws, toronto fashion week, bellavance, steven tai
Photos by Stephanie Ho unless otherwise stated

The Toronto Fashion Week FW14-15 season descended upon us as quickly as it had left, with the shOws opening the floor. We had the pleasure of attending the two days of intimate runways featuring top notch designers including Bellavance, Steven Tai, Kaelen and Antonio Azzulouo. The two days couldn’t have been more drastic with the first day showing signs of spring and unfortunately, the next day we were hit with a blizzard. Even in high winds and snowy conditions, the show must go on.
the shOws, toronto fashion week, Christine Lu, urbanebloc
the shOws, toronto fashion week, Christine Lu, urbanebloc
We were lucky to experience a warmer spell and I took the opportunity to bring in pastels into the outfit the first day, with a Vero Moda mint blue blazer, H&M lace tank top, maxi skirt and a contrasting black and cream purse from Zara.
Bellavance, the shOws, designers, Toronto Fashion Week Bellavance broke all the conventional rules and treated us to interesting and unique pieces. From a fabric that had a garbage bag texture with fine jersey that doesn’t wrinkle or fray at the edges, they surprised the audience when they mentioned that the material actually feels like silk. Pleats also dominated the runway that broke up with movement, leaving an air of mystery as to the original print.
Backstage, fashion show, toronto fashion week, the shOwsIn between shows, we visited backstage to take a sneak peek of all of the magic and hard work that goes behind the scenes. It’s always exciting to feel the buzz and excitement in the air, as models are getting primped and dressed for the next show. It’s also a great opportunity to see the clothes up close and admire the details that were missed by a quick glance on the runway.
steven tai, fashion week, toronto fashion week, the shOws, designer steven tai, fashion week, toronto fashion week, the shOws, designer Moving onto the second designer, Steven Tai delivered a collection that played on different materials ranging from sparkling tweed, fringe seen in his coats and woven PVC. The focus of bright colours were evident in numerous pieces with large floral motifs that immediately put a smile on our face.
Kaelan Photo by Michael Ho

Our favourite looks from Kaelan show us the range of her designs, with a large focus on mixed media pairing different textures and fabrics. She prides herself on the structure in her pieces and compared it to a piece of armour, and the fact that there are no two pieces that are ever the same by a special dye using natural fibers including berries and zumag.
antonio Photo by Michael Ho

Last but not least, Antonio Azzuolo closed the shOws with a strong sense of duality, where pieces appeared to be unisex with masculine and feminine features. His background in tailoring shone with details including the saddle shoulder and rope sleeves, with each piece made painstakingly by hand.

Overall, we loved watching the shOws as it forecasted the trends ahead and what we can expect to see on the streets six months down the road. Let us know what your favourite look/designer is in the comments below. Until the next runway!


|FAT| x urbanebloc PASS Giveaway

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HEY TORONTO, are you ready for another fashion week? This time around, contemporary expression is going to storm through our doors and basically blow our creative minds to smithereens. The annual Fashion Art Toronto week is 5 days of runway fashion, photography, film, and performance all under one roof. Get excited because Urbanebloc is extremely proud to be VIP |FAT| ambassadors this year and we want you to get in on this action. Four ALL-ACCESS passes for the entire week are up for grabs to our lovely smovely readers!

With this pass, you’ll be able to see cool stuff like this.

FAT 2014, fashion art toronto, fashion week, fashion art toronto week, diodati, uta bekaia, contemporary fashion, contemporary art, film, photography, toronto alternative, alternative fashion

Over 200 international artists from places like Montreal (such as Brit Wacher and DIODATI), New York (check out Uta Bekaia), and our very own Toronto (VANDAL, Lazar Couture IncDiscrete) are going to contribute to each night’s sub-theme: EARTH vs INDUSTRY, GRIT vs GLAMOUR, CULT vs CULTURE, MASCULINE vs FEMININE and MINIMAL vs EXTREME. Sounds so crazy, it’s gotta be art.


Here’s how to enter our giveaway:

1. Head over to our Facebook page (Like us and the |FAT| page)
2. Tweet this post and tag @urbanebloc


That’s it!

Goooood luck and I really hope to see your faces at the show!


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GUESS ’14 Fall Preview


GUESS has geared themselves for a super stylish Fall 2014. Imagine washed-out denim, faux snakeskin accents and metallic body chains co-mingling in one outfit. BAM, head turner right there. Butttt, if that sounds like too much for you, don’t worry because GUESS kept their classic pieces on hand for you loyal shoppers. The bustier is back with a lacy twist and their one-piece dresses are now equipped with a stringy fringe. Have a looksie at more! Read more

Stepping into Spring

ootd, wiw, christine lu, michael jo, urbanebloc, streetstyle, yorkvillePhotos by Michael Jo

FINALLY – it feels like spring has bloomed. After what seems like the longest winter of life, I couldn’t be more excited to bring out the trench, pastels and a midi skirt. Oh, the midi skirt. What I went through to get my hands on this one.

It first came out around a month ago and was only available at three H&M locations – Yorkdale, Eaton Centre and Bloor Street West in Yorkville. After what seemed like a long scavenger hunt to find this beauty, all hope seemed to be lost until a coworker mentioned she found it in Boston.

I kept this in mind on a recent trip to Miami, and it seemed like it was meant to be. One day when we were driving around in a cab on our way to dinner, I looked up and saw the two letters H&M beaming at me. I glanced at the window and saw the skirt peeking through a rack. Later that night, I had a dream nightmare that I left Miami without the skirt. I finally got a chance to go back to the store on the last day of our trip, and have never felt such satisfaction until I walked out of the store with this gorgeous skirt in my hands.

Needless to say, I’m absolutely obsessed and can’t wait to style it with more outfits this spring.

ootd, wiw, christine lu, michael jo, urbanebloc, streetstyle, yorkville

ootd, wiw, christine lu, michael jo, urbanebloc, streetstyle, yorkville

[ OUTFIT DEETZ ] H&M scarf, midi skirt // Karmaloop crop top // Steve Madden sandals

Which spring trends are you excited to wear this season?


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