7 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Your Girlfriend

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Did you ever wonder how you were able to make your significant other fuming mad in a matter of seconds and not sure how things escalated so quickly? Before you start to shrug your shoulders in hopelessness, think carefully about what was said a few moments before she flipped out on you. Read on to see if any of these string of words sound a bit too familiar…

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What Businesses Value in Youth – RE*Generation Virgin Mobile

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Enter Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder, and the once jittering room of media and friends dims to an excited hush. He’s here to present Virgin Mobile‘s initiative to get at-risk youth off the streets and into companies willing to give them a chance. Virgin Mobile and Samsung have partnered up to add to the $2.5 million dollars already raised by Re*Generation since 2008.  During the brief Q & A session, his simple words for the future resonated in the audience.

“Virgin Mobile is hoping to set an example for other companies to follow suit and then can we really make a difference.”

Canadian youth are struggling to find jobs as the unemployment rate has gone up from 12.2% to 13.6% in 8 years ever since 2006. Thanks to initiatives like Re*Generation partnering with CivicAction and Social Capital Partners, roughly 450 young people can look forward to training for in-demand skills at food service, construction, IT, or digital print industries. After attending this conference, I got to thinking, what do companies like Virgin Mobile and Samsung really value in the thousands of applicants tunnelling through their hiring channel?

1. Experience, experience, and more experience

The cookie-cutter graduate isn’t terrible but you have to bring more to the table than your diploma. Your experiences fuel your creativity and influence your work, your brand and your scope of the world. Whatever it may be from pursuing that unpaid internship or travelling across the ocean, take the plunge and let your resumé stand apart from the rest.

2. Consistency and Passion

Although the panel was talking about troubled and homeless youth, they were eager to point out the rate of relapse was virtually none. Companies want their employees to be motivated at work and in love what with they’re doing because it’s the only way to have consistent productivity. Large corporations want to provide the dignity of work to those who need it most in hopes both sides will benefit.

3. Just do it

Sir Richard Branson was asked how young entrepreneurs could help the initiative grow and his answer after a moment’s pause was “Just do it.” That’s the first step always isn’t it? If you never take the plunge to apply or keep your ambitions on the back burner, how will you ever rise to the opportunity? Taking that first step is the most important to opening doors for the future.

Thank you Virgin Mobile for continuing to inspire other companies for helping those less fortunate than you. And for those still looking for their path, here are some good reads to keep motivated.

Stay positive! xoxo,

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Top 3 Fall Trends We Learned from TIFF14

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The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off last week and downtown prepared to get super dazzled. Hair dressers, make up artists and stylists got bustling to make the celebrities shine their brightest and I got to work with the best of the best for some star treatment of my own. The fifth annual beautyBOUTIQUE turned the entire sixth floor of the Burroughes Building into a pampering dream equipped with a nail station, tanning salon, and yummy buffet courtesy of Loblaws to give bloggers and movie-goers the total package. We even learned about trends to look forward to this fall season; read on to learn about our top three!
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Budget Date Ideas: Los Angeles Edition

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In Los Angeles, California, you never have to worry about the shortage of sunny days – summer never says goodbye! If you live in the City of Angels or are here on vacation, be sure to get your date on with your beau (or that guy that you swear to your friends that you’re “just friends” with). Here are three fun date ideas in beautiful L.A. that won’t break the bank. Read more

Interior Design for a “Lady”


A girl grows up in her cozy pink bedroom at her family home, but when a girl becomes a young professional woman, she wants to live in style at her OWN stylish home. With my own condo being built currently, I am always on the lookout for cool designs and constantly envisioning what I want my place to look like when I move in. Here is a post to give you some key interior design inspiration when you move out to your own place or if you want to revamp your current place.

The “Classic” Lady

Classic can be synonymous with conservative, traditional, and timeless. Choice of interior for a gal like this is usually mild and comfortable, yet still contemporary.

"Classic" Lady Interior Design

Ideal places to shop for this lady: Urbanoutfitters, William Sonoma

The “Modern” Lady

Modern interior design is a notch up from the Classic. It stays conservative in that it uses straightforward and minimalistic furniture, but it corporates dramatic modern art deco as a center of focus. Think geometric.

"Modern" Lady Interior Design

Ideal places to shop for this lady: Ikea, Anthropologie

The “Urban” Lady

For the really stylish girls who cannot stand generic deco or settle with pre-selected design themes, they go all out “urban”. This route of interior design usually has an emphasis on strong contrast, resulting in a very crisp clean-look.

Urban Lady Interior Design


Ideal places to shop for this lady: Apartment Therapy, Muji


I think I’m definitely a “Modern” lady because although I love the minimalist look, at the same time, I still want my living space to be homey and not too industrial looking. So what type of lady are you? The goal in any contemporary home design is to keep it trendy and fresh. Style your humble abode just like you would with your choice of outfits!



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