Rainbow French Tip Nails

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It’s nearing that dreaded time again. BACK TO SCHOOL! For those who have graduated, congrats all around, the youngsters going back envy your new found freedom. For those who are just entering, you should be excited for a great year and endless opportunities, I promise it will be fun. And if it’s not, here’s a splash of french tipped colour to brighten your first day of school:

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#InspiredBy – American Express Canada’s Toronto

American Express - #InspiredBy

As part of the American Express #InspiredBy program that was introduced earlier in the summer (what? Summer is almost over?! Say it ain’t so!), Amex has just published an inspiration map of Toronto on Facebook. Some of the fave spots that came through via Twitter were Queen West, Evergreen Brickworks, and St. Lawrence Market.

Need some inspiration / a place to discover? Pop onto the American Express Facebook page for an interactive map that will point you in the right direction. Whether it’s a caffeine fix, a place to spend time with your family, or to go on a heart-melting date…Amex has it covered.

Toronto, I miss you, I love you, and I’m coming for you.

Have a place the map missed? Be sure to tweet to @urbanebloc, and @AmexCanada while you’re at it – I love to hear from you, bloc-sters.

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HOW TO: Love Water, Every Way

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While summer is coming to a close, it’s important to keep up with the obsessive intake of our beloved H2O all throughout the year. As Labor Day nears, I’m still adamantly committed to prolonging those summer, sunny days.

So, you may or may not be into water the way that a fish might be interested in immersing themselves…but here are a few ways that you can get creative, and produce some flavorful ways to intake that sweet little element that makes us who we are.

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It’s mid-August and we’re reminiscing about July already. Here’s another Instagram wrap up, starting with a “twinning” for Amanda and ending with a stuffed smoked meat sandwich. YUM.

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OOTD – Art Event/Gala/Cocktail Party

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Invited to an art gallery event, a cocktail party, or a movie premiere gala? So exciting! But what to wear to these interesting occasions that ask for a dress-code of “casual-chic”? What does that mean? Defining a dress code doesn’t have to be a headache, because here are 3 Art Gala viable outfits you can choose from!

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