Keeping Up With Kendall


Admit it or not, Keeping Up with the Kardashians can get addictive, but what I love to do more instead is “Keeping Up with Kendall”. This once-upon-a-time television pre-teen has blossomed into one of today’s top highend runway models.

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A Moment with Lubov Azria, Creative Director of BCBG

Lubov Azria - BCBG

Seasons have changed, and another NYFW has come and long gone. During the frenetic time of runway shows upon runway shows, I had the opportunity to meet a woman of boundless talent – Lubov Azria, Creative Director for BCBG Group.

I was perched on the lobby couch at BCBG, when the door buzzed and in breezed Lubov, dressed to perfection head to toe, despite the early call time (10am on a Sunday is an ambitious appointment). In awe, I had the chance to relish in 10 minutes of fashion wisdom and invaluable business insights.


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Now that the weather’s been toying with our summer loving hearts, we can’t help but remember the good ol’ days of August.

Instalove August

Christine’s made her mark with mother nature and then woke up on a boat…a really big boat. Party at 6:30am anyone? #OnlyinNYC

Instalove August

Amanda took time off to enjoy Sugar beach and experienced CNE from above. It’s a Canadian tradition everyone has to do! *wink wink* I wonder who’s up there with you?

Instalove August

Water was definitely a major theme throughout August for KJ as she lounged at a roof top patio with her friends then popped over to Centreville at Toronto Island to end a relaxing day.

Instalove August

Nothing says summer quite like mini tacos and best friends for Tiffany.

Instalove August

I got in touch with my feminine side and snapped some OOTD pics to show off the shoes I haven’t taken off. Travel withdrawal hit so I spent the cooler days dreaming about my trek up the Great Wall of China.

Instalove August

Diana hit the streets in an adorable outfit and found an amazing #ladykiller belting out “Latch” by Sam Smith and Disclosure in Vancouver. I wish I could have been there!


All about the weddings and the celebration of love for Madhu this August. We love how the beautiful traditional garments won’t stop this gal from getting her ice cream fix.

Instalove August

Gloria got artsy fartsy with a fluffy gorgeous tattoo while making a new friend in the process. Mr. Pineapple be rockin’ them shades.

Hope your August was smashing and you stay warm on the chillier days to come!

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Pursecase: Product Review

Every girl can empathize with me when I say my phone is always somewhere to be found in my bag. Big satchels and totes are stylish and versatile but not that great when my dear smartphone is vibrating like crazy but I can’t find it. Read on to find out how to solve this dilemma suitable for any fashionista.

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7 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Your Girlfriend

relationship, advice, funny

Did you ever wonder how you were able to make your significant other fuming mad in a matter of seconds and not sure how things escalated so quickly? Before you start to shrug your shoulders in hopelessness, think carefully about what was said a few moments before she flipped out on you. Read on to see if any of these string of words sound a bit too familiar…

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