When I was in NYC for Fashion Week, I was so happy to have found time to go beyond the borders of the Manhattan Island and explore Brooklyn. As a big fan of thrift shopping and the pursuit of vintage treasures, I was thrilled to finally have time to check out the Brooklyn Flea Market.

In the wintertime, the flea market is hosted indoors at the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, which makes for its stunning architecture with stained glass windows. There are over a hundred different vendors selling anything from handmade jewelry, new and vintage clothes, bags and furniture, to trinkets found in one’s parents home. It’s a fun activity to do on a cold winter afternoon where you can easily keep yourself entertained for a few hours. After scouring for good finds, make your way down to the lower level where you can find yourself in foodie heaven in its original bank vault.

Fine and delicate jewelry by Elma Blint

Fine and delicate jewelry by Elma Blint

UB_Feb 24_2

Fine and delicate jewelry by Elma Blint

UB_Feb 24_3

UB_Feb 24_4

Handmade bags and accessories by Flux Productions

UB_Feb 24_5

Handmade bags and accessories by Flux Productions

UB_Feb 24_6

Handmade bags and accessories by Flux Productions

UB_Feb 24_15

Chili mac & cheese with caramelized onions. Super deelish and highly recommend!!!

UB_Feb 24_13

Drool! Asian-inspired hotdogs by AsiaDog

UB_Feb 24_14

The GINNY: Kimchi + seaweed flakes by AsiaDog

UB_Feb 24_12

UB_Feb 24_11

UB_Feb 24_10

UB_Feb 24_9

UB_Feb 24_8

UB_Feb 24_7

Next time, I’ll definitely plan to spend more time to explore Williamsburg properly! If you have any recommendations on what shops and eats to check out there, would love to hear them in the comments below! Thanks for reading :)

Brooklyn Flea – Winter Flea
Saturday + Sunday 10am-5pm
Skylight One Hanson | 1 Hanson Place